Mushrooms are medicine.

The 920 Coalition organizes events around the world each year on 9/20, focused on research and the role that psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms play in our society and health care system. Get ready for 920 2016! Be in touch below if you are planning an event.

2015 was our first year and we had more than 30 wonderful events in Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, UK, Australia, and the United States. We are a collaboration of non-profit organizations and individuals.

Our organizing group includes and is especially interested in reaching out to people of color and queer identifying folks. We hope you'll join us! Our community is growing incredibly quickly. Join our email list.

Event schedule below. Volunteers needed. Donations go directly to events-- we are 100% volunteer run.


Planning an event? Contact us and we'll add it!


Santa Fe University of Art and Design SSDP  - 1600 Saint Michaels Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87505 

University of Georgia SSDP 9/20 - 210 South Jackson Street, Athens, GA 30602

El Paso 920 Coalition - "Shroom Boom" El Paso, TX

University of Southern California

University of California Los Angeles

Aware Project - Los Angeles, CA

University of California Santa Cruz

Berkeley City College

Antelope Valley College

UC Berkeley

Phoenixville Psychedelic Society

University of California Davis

Portland State University

Reed College - Portland, Oregon

Psychedelic Society SF & Psymposia - San Francisco, CA

920 Coalition, ERIE, & WOH Events - Emeryville, CA 

Jump Into The Light - New York, NY

Psymposia, Psychedelic Society Brooklyn, & Consciousness Hacking - Brooklyn, NY 

The Entheogen Integration Circle - "Psyjam Picnic Potluck" Brooklyn, NY

PCSL (Peers Can Save Lives) & Cornell College SSDP - Mount Vernon, Iowa

Tucson Psychedelic Society - Tucson, Arizona

*22 SSDP Chapters Are Participating in 9/20 Day of Action! Post-920 Events' Details Coming Soon! THANK YOU ALL for your time & participation!


CSSDP & Psymposia - Montreal

CSSDP - Toronto


Estudiantes por una Política Sensata de Drogas


Psychedelic Society of Ireland - Dublin, Ireland


Enpsychedelia & Entheogenesis Australis - Brunswick, Victoria  


Organizations and individuals around the world are planning public and private events and get togethers to celebrate 9/20. There will be Speaker Events, Screenings, Demonstrations, Small Educational Meetings, Parties, Concerts, and small gatherings at homes. If you'd like your event to be listed on our calendar or if you want to get in touch with other people who are organizing events near you, please email us at


Our email list sends occassional updates about new events and breaking news. Join us!


The 920 Coalition is a collaboration of the following organizations, and individuals around the world.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)
Estudiantes por una Política Sensata de Drogas, México
Little Saints
Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP)
Women and Entheogens
The Psychedelic Society
Psychedelic Seminars
ERIE (Entheogenic Research, Integration, and Education)
Aware Project

If your organization is interested in joining the coalition or organizing a 9/20 event, please be in touch below.


The 920 Coalition is a collaboration of non-profit organizations and individuals organizing annual events around the world on 9/20 to bring attention to the role of psilocybin mushrooms in our society and health care system.

Members of the coalition bring a wide range of perspectives and expertise on psilocybin and a shared belief that this plant medicine plays an important role in culture and healing. We are particularly interested in supporting people of color and queer identifying people who have frequently been excluded from advocacy and services around psychedelics.

The broad prohibitions on the use of psilocybin in many countries are deeply misguided and there is now overwhelming evidence that they should be changed. The Coalition is working to increase awareness of recent medical research as well as traditional healing uses that have been practiced for thousands of years in many regions of the world.



If your organization is interested in hosting an event, please be in touch.

If you are interested in volunteering, we are always looking for new team members. We are particularly looking for folks with social media or graphic design skills. And we are especially interested in connecting with more individuals and organizations working on race, queer identity, and social justice issues.


TWITTER: @920coalition

FACEBOOK: 920 Coalition FB Page

INSTAGRAM: 920 Coalition Instagram

Our friends at 920 stickers have made 920 stickers and will even send you some for free.